About Us

KRDS is a leading Social and Mobile Agency in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2008 in Paris, KRDS became a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program (previously known as the Preferred Developer Consultant program) as soon as the PMD became available in Europe in early 2010. Since then KRDS has grown from 10 to 120 employees and has opened 7 new offices throughout Europe and Asia.

Since its creation, KRDS has registered a triple-digit annual growth and in 2011 AXA PE, the leading European private equity firm, took an equity stake in the company.


KRDS boasts a range of expertise from Community Management, creation and optimisation of Facebook Ad campaigns, Site Socialisation and Branding. In recent events, KRDS has evolved into a full-fledged Social Media Agency and has been involved in campaigns beyond Facebook such as on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Its newest addition is expertise on Chinese social networks Sina Weibo and Wechat.

KRDS is also regularly invited to talk at conferences throughout Europe and Asia.